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Moose Mountain Trails
Moose Mountain Trails

The Moose Mountain Trails subdisivion has been approved by RockyView County for subdivision into four x five acre (+/-) lots. While much of the work has been completed, the majority of the remaining costs relate directly to the the number of acres of the new lots created by the subdivison.

The current (approved) plan will create 15 acres of new lots. There are several options that may be of interest to a potential buyer:

1. Hold the land as-is for future devlopment

With the steady increase in interest to Kananakis Country recreational opportunities, the Plan Area is located in a trategic location that my offer a variety of future commercial/residential development opportunties.

2. Develop the Plan Area as a single 20 acre parcel

The current parcel has been developed with excellent access, underground utilities, engineering, and water well. In its current state, it is an excellent estate property with zoning in-place for future subdivision, if desirable.

3. Partially develop the Plan Area

Subdivide one or two parcels now, and hold or develop the remainder now, or in the future.

4. Reconfigure the Plan Area

While the current subdivision plan has been approved, there may be other options that are more suitable for your purposes.