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5 Acre lots are now selling; starting at $390k.


The Plan Area

The 20 acre Plan Area is approved for subdivision with each lot being 5 +/- acres.

Four x 5 Acre lots
Four x 5 Acre lots

Why live within the constraints of a hustling and bustling city when you can enjoy the privacy and laid-back lifestyle of a brand new home on an acreage? 

Enjoy the Backyard of your Dreams!

Our acreage home sites offer five (+/-) acres of natural undisturbed land. You have the room and creative freedom to build out your acreage just the way you want it. 

Plenty of Storage Space

Need storage space for your trailer and toys? Maybe you have lawn and garden equipment, motorcycles or ATVs, a boat, or even a travel trailer. The extra land space at your acreage home provides the opportunity to store your toys at home.

Amazing Property Value

Property value is defined as the value of the land itself, as well as any improvements (structures) upon it. Land is something which cannot be reproduced, and therefore is a valuable resource. So, not only can you enjoy the extra land space while living in your acreage home, you can love knowing that you own a valuable resource and asset.

Surround Yourself by Nature

Imagine having your morning breakfast while being surrounded by nature. Enjoy exclusive access to the Canadian Rockies while only maintaining a five acre property.

Appreciate the Privacy

In the city, privacy is a hard-to-come-by privilege as homes in the city usually have very little space between them. No one wants to start their morning looking out of their bedroom window and seeing right into their neighbor’s home! When you live on an acreage, you get the blessing of large amounts of space between homes and privacy from your neighbors. 

Space to Entertain

Bring everyone together by providing the space for family fun! You’ll have room to enjoy movie night on a projector screen in the backyard, roast marshmallows by the fire pit, lay out and look at the stars, play a game of tag, bring out the bounce house, or build a playhouse or swing set which is the envy of every child at heart! And, your animals will love it, too – Fido dreams about the space to run around and play fetch!

More Land = Larger Homes

One of the best things about living on a full-acre is the ability to build a beautiful estate home with the space and features you desire.